Det finns idag c:a 300,000 optimistjollar i hela världen.  I Sverige finns det mer än 24,000 registrerade jollar. Över 100 länder är nu anslutna till IODA. 

Man får tävla i optimist till och med det år man fyller 15. 

Teknisk data:

Segelyta: 3,5 m²
Segel: Sprisegel
Längd: 2,3 m             
Bredd: 1,1 m        
Vikt: 35 kg
Költyp: Centerbord     
LYS: 0,79


With 30 builders in 23 countries on five continents. 
All new Optimists have the same speed potential.

The Optimist Class is dedicated to making sure that all Optimists are the same speed and that the championships are a test of the driver not the vehicle. 

Some years ago a tremendous effort went into restoring the Optimist to being a true one-design. This work continues: IODA has a team of eight volunteer ISAF qualified International Measurers who work at every major IODA event checking not only for Class Rule infringements and safety factors but also monitoring the output of each builder.

Following this work:

  • all hulls are built to within +/- 2mm 
  • all hulls have identical layup 
  • prototypes from each mould are measured by one of three International Measurers 
  • each boat is measured by a national measurer 
  • each boat carries a certificate of conformity signed by the builder

And the young sailors have a true one-design to sail!